4 Western Romances for your reading pleasure…

Book 5 – His Sexy Smile
Rodeo runs in my blood.
The ranch my family owns can stay with my brothers. I don’t belong in a laidback life.
I’m interested in the thrill of the win.
Somewhere along the way, I ran into a beautiful girl with a dark past.
Love wasn’t something I’d ever been interested in, but she’s changing that fast.
I can’t get enough of her, and when things get a little too deep, I’m ready to hit the road and find another rodeo to take my mind off of her.
But she ain’t having it. Me or my shit.
Good thing I woke up to what matters most—her.
I’m willing to go the extra lap to get back into her good graces.
Between that and my sexy smile, this girl doesn’t stand a chance.

Book 6 – His Tainted Ways
I shouldn’t have lied about being engaged.
But it got my mom off my case for a while.
Now to find someone to go with me to my baby sister’s wedding.
Lucky for me, a brooding cowboy from the bar will work just fine.
Especially since he’s everything a girl might want by her side or in her bed.
Crazily enough, when you fake it until you make it, sometimes you actually make it.
Now I’m falling for this wild stallion and he’s not used to being tamed.
It was just supposed to be one event, but something tells me it’s going to turn into many, many more.
Especially if he keeps sweeping me off my feet with his tainted ways.
I never wanted a bad boy, but now I have one.
And I ain’t giving him back.

Book 7 – His Rough Touch
She hates my family & I’m falling for her.
A pretty local girl needs some help moving furniture for a clearance sale, and I was just being nice.
I didn’t realize she had serious hate toward my family.
It’s almost comical.
Regardless, she’s got me trapped.
Something about her leaves me willing to ignore the signs to run, and instead, I find myself wanting more and more time with her.
That time wasn’t supposed to include a tumble in the sheets, but it did.
One night was all I got. Then we went our separate ways.
I tried not to think about her too much, not until I heard she was pregnant.
Why wouldn’t she tell me about the little one?
There’s no choice but to make her mine, which was my desire in the first damn place.
She’s wrong about us Montgomery boys.
We may have a rough touch, but we have good hearts.
Time to take back what’s mine.

Book 8 – His Seductive Eyes
As the oldest of the eight sons in the Montgomery family, it was always my responsibility to look after the younger ones.
That became even more important after our father’s death when the ranch came under my control.
I had to put my own dreams aside to make sure the ranch kept going.
I’d always wanted a family of my own to fill the big house on the ranch, but as busy as my life got, I thought that would never happen.
Especially not with our rival family.
But I shared a hot kiss with one, and the rest is history.
She’s a tough girl, but I’m about to break her in.
If she doesn’t break me first.