BK4 - Wine-Wanderer



A preacher’s daughter, waiting tables in my bar. Just great.

She can’t wait tables for shit, but her daddy would call hellfire down on my head if I didn’t hire her.

Why a man of the cloth would want his daughter waiting tables at a saloon, I had no idea, but when she’s willing to come back after a disastrous first night, she catches my attention.

She has to fight for it, though, given the fact that some jerk burned down my bar, and as soon as I get it rebuilt, some country star waltzes in to exploit it.

Despite all the problems on my mind, she stays front and center, and soon I’m acting on my fantasies.

She’s so sweet and innocent, I can’t help wanting to make her fully mine.

But her daddy don’t approve, and neither does the pretty country star, who wants me for herself.

Somehow I get pinned as the one that burned down my bar.

Things go from bad to worse and the only thing I want is the one thing I can’t have—the angel I don’t deserve.