B1 - Whiskey-Wild



Can a city girl fall for a country boy? We’re about to find out. 

My twin brother got himself into an impossible situation and who saves his bacon? Me.

I go into a job interview pretending to be him, and lo and behold, the most beautiful girl in the world is the one hiring for the job.

Giving her my all isn’t hard, until I get the position.

I’m a farmer. My brother is the guy trying to make it up a ladder, but now we’re stuck.

It would be too damn obvious that he’s not me and I’m not him. So I’m stuck.

But it’s not all that bad. The girl of my dreams is in need of a real cowboy to teach her the ropes.

And I’m the guy for the job.

Unfortunately, pretending to be a nicer version of my evil twin catches up with me.

Those little white fibs always do.

Now she’s questioning my trust and walking away from what could possibly be the best decision of both our lives.

Time to show this sweet little thang the man she’s yet to meet—the real me.